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Philosophy WalkEducation :: Miscellaneous Education
Philosophy Walk
9:00 AM
Dump Gulch/McKelvey Trailhead
Please join us for this philosophy as a way of life-inspired walk on Sunday, July 14th from 9am-12pm where we’ll be exploring "the life of virtue" and "hope."

Part 1 of a 2-part walk on virtue ethics (the second of which will take place in September). Special guest speaker/philosopher-on-trail — David Nowakowski, PhD.

Meeting/Hike Location: Dump Gulch/McKelvey Trailhead (just past the Lime Kilns on Grizzly Gulch Drive).

This walk will be an informal, free-flowing conversation around what it means to live a “life of virtue.” We will explore questions such as:

— What does “virtue” even mean?

— Why do we care about it?

— What kinds of things might we consider to be virtues? Courage? Patience? Strength? Love? Humility? Justice? All or none of these?

— Can living a “life of virtue” in general, or specific virtues in particular, ever go too far and become unhealthy or destructive?

— When, if at all, should we classify hope as a virtue? What should we hope for, and when is it right or wrong to have hope?

A journey that will likely provoke more questions than answers (as philosophy often does)…this walk will provide us with a rich template for deep and ongoing reflection on our lives and values, and a space for stimulating and fruitful conversation.

To learn more & sign-up for our free meandering, visit our philosophy walks page: https://merlinccc.org/event/philosophy-walk-july-2019/
Age Group: All Ages
Venue: Dump Gulch/McKelvey Trailhead
Address: 857-849 Grizzly Gulch Drive Helena, MT 59601
Phone: 406-502-2122

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