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Hometown Helena
7:00 AM
Montana Club
No program again this week – it will be an open discussion of current issues.

Next week the program will include the Federal Reserve Bank and others discussing Montana Economic Development – more info next week.

Japan, like many other countries, requires new drivers to place a marker on their car to alert other motorists there is a beginner behind the wheel. Japan also recommends a multi-colored patch on the front and back fender if a driver is over 70 years old – it is mandatory to display the markers when the driver reaches 75. Considering 27.7% of the Japanese people are over 65, the highest percentage of any country, I assume there are a lot of vehicles with these markers. 30,000 Japanese celebrated their 100th birthday in 2017.

Sounds like Dick Anderson and company will tear down the mall that they recently purchased – there goes the final attempt to transform it into a museum – there is currently a group meeting to discuss how to make that happen despite the State of Montana having set some very permanent language in current/proposed funding bills related to expanding the museum at the current MHS site. Bruce Whittenberg has done an excellent job of continuing to move the Historical Society forward despite funding reductions – good job Bruce. I can’t think of a better group than Dick Anderson Construction/Development to do something with the mall – what a great piece of property.

According to AARP the State portion of the gasoline tax in Montana is 32.3 cents per gallon compared with Washington (49.4 cents), Idaho (33.0 cents), North Dakota (23.0 cents), Wyoming (24.0 cents) and Utah (29.4 cents). California (53.3 cents) and Pennsylvania (58.7 cents) are the highest per gallon. Alaska, with the least highways, is 12.3 cents per gallon
The average price for a home in Helena is going up quickly – the new mid to higher range homes seems to be at $350,000 to $650,000 with most high quality houses falling in the $450,000 to $550,000 bracket. Lower cost homes are still selling very quickly with a large number of them going for more than the asking price as qualified buyer make offers that exceed listing prices. It will be interesting to see if appraisals in the mid/higher end housing keep up with asking prices – my thought is that appraisals may lag behind a bit. With lot costs generally in the $80,000 or higher range it will continue to be difficult to build new homes in the $250,000 price range. Considering home prices in Helena are well below the Missoula and Bozeman market it is not hard to see why families in those cities are having issues securing a stand-alone home even with a limited size lot.

Pat McKelvey, Fire Safe Montana, ask me to remind folks of their presentations at the Myrna Loy on June 26 and June 27 at the Helena Middle School – meeting times will be announced. Mark Finney from the Rocky Mountain Research Center will discuss fire behavior, some fire history of this area and where we are going in the future. Tony Grossner, Chief of the Santa Rose Fire Department, will provide an overview of the firestorm they endured last summer. Both presenters will speak each night and tie their remarks into how this relates to the local area fuels and Wildland Urban Interface exposure. A belated Congrats to Pat for the national award he received last year.
Age Group: All Ages
Venue: Montana Club
Address: 3515 Juniper Drive Helena, MT 59602
Phone: 4065589141

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